Lunch Delivered Jimmy Johns

So lunch today was Jimmy Johns at work. For lunches at work it was not to bad. However, this isn’t the first time I have eaten Jimmy Johns at work or in my personal life. Their sandwiches always have no much lettuce. Good think I like lettuce. Its like a feast for a bunny. One of my coworkers his was supposed to be a Tuna sandwich half and it had tuna on one side but it did not go through the entire sandwich. I have to say if your ordering platters from there you must have to be careful. It is probably better to splurge and instead get the individual box meals for everyone. At least then you get a pickle and cookie to add to the sandwich. What did you have for lunch today? If I had to choose a favorite sandwich today it had to be the ham and cheese. The roast beef was dry and kind of bitter. But considering I don’t usually get to have lunch it was really good.

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