Dinner – Alamo Cafe

Last night Ben and I went to dinner at Alamo Cafe. It is the primary restaurant for my parents. They used to eat at the establishment multiple times a week. My sister worked there as a waitress for years and I had a hankering for Mexican food with some good salsa and nachos.

It has been almost a year since we have gone in there since the last time we ate there. He admittedly found a hair in his dish. They were nice enough to give us a free meal because of the poor experience. The management there is definitely top notch.  Ben appeased me and well Roy was too tired from a long day of being a pig to want to go in. The environment in the restaurant has really changed.  All new faces, new interior, and maybe its just last night but new salsa? It was chunky and there was very little in the way of peppers. Typically the salsa is a little watery and really spicy.
Ben agreed the salsa was not what he had experienced in the past but we were hungry so we feasted on chips and salsa before our nachos arrived. Now the nachos were amazing. Full of beans and cheese. The one thing I appreciate about Alamo Cafe, unlike other Mexican food restaurants in the area is that the nachos are individualised. Most places dump a bunch of chips on a plate and then drown the chips in bean and cheese. Here each chip is crafted and to top it off the plate is cooked in an oven so the chips have melted cheese and are crispy. It is a meal unto itself.
After eating the nachos I was full. Ben was still hungry and ordered himself a Dinner #2 plate. I did not get to snap the picture of it because he was starving. He was great, staying busy on his day off. By the time we got to the car. Roy had waken up from his nap and was ready to go home. So what did you eat?  What is your favourite Mexican dish? Look forward to your thoughts down below. Let the weekend begin!!!
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