Dinner – Kickin’ Grande Nachos

Dinner the other night was shocking. This is the Kickin’ Grande Nachos from Taco Cabana. Talk about a lot of nachos. Wish the jalapenos had been cooked but Ben and I enjoyed them as a meal. Roy refused because they were to messy for him. It was interesting the way they served the nachos in a box that is normally made for 12 breakfast tacos.

That caused for some interesting issues particularly since the box is made of cardboard and it started to go through. Nothing like running nacho cheese while your driving home. Anyway, the dish probably looks better and more presentable if its served inside. Otherwise, its looks reminded me of a drunk college student walking into their finals in their pjs. So maybe if we were drunk this would have been acceptable?!?! Oh well, they were good nachos. What are you thinking about for dinner?  I have a guacamole salad in mind from a recipe I found.  Share your thoughts below whether you believe food should be presented and look a certain way whether at a drive through or dining in the restaurant. I would love to know your thoughts.
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