Dinner – Mexican Casserole

So I know it has been a while since I posted but unfortunately while making a video on turnover biscuits I destroyed my computer. I am seeing if it can be repaired so I have had to do a lot of my work via my phone. Anyway, I was able to sit at a computer and get some posting done. I wanted to share what Ben, Roy and I made for dinner the other night. It is amazing and makes really great left overs. I made Mexican Casserole for dinner.  There are a lot of different recipes and can be customized.

So Ben and I decided to go and get a meal that could at least last us two days. We often tried to get recipes that last us multiple days so we do not spend as much money. Anyway….Mexican Casserole. I only state this as a caution. Careful what products you get.  If everything you get is spicy then the dish may not be capable of eating. In this case it might be a benefit to buy sour cream to reduce the heat of the chilies. Here we are at Walmart.
Us in the parking lot at Walmart.
As you can see Ben is hungry so we need to make this a quick trip. We bought Mexican flavored cheese, Rotel tomatoes with peppers, enchilada sauce, sour cream, chicken, and corn tortillas.
Here we are buying frozen shredded chicken.
Ben stopping off to get tortilla chips.  Not needed but they make a great snack.
Here I am getting the Mexican Cheese.
Here is Ben. So much cheese. 
Needless to say Ben made it home safely. While he was munching on his tortilla chips we needed to get dinner ready for him. Roy was excited to assist. This is what we are going to be using for this dish.
Sour Cream is always optional and Roy did a photo bomb.
The first thing we need to do is set the over to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While to oven is heating up we can begin getting our casserole set up.
Setting the oven.
Getting our dishware ready.
Its now time to start cooking. We need to spray our cooking pan with an oil.  I prefer to use canola oil but you can use whatever liner you want to use.
Cooking pan sprayed.
Now we need to cook our shredded chicken according to the bag. I set mine on 4 minutes and then stirred it.  It was still cold so I put it in for another three minutes and it was wonderful.
Chicken’s ready.
It is time to get our mixture started. The first step is to open up all the cans at once.  It saves time when you do it this way. Once you have opened all your cans. First put in about half of your enchilada sauce. I choose green enchilada sauce but you can always go with the traditional red.
Yummy enchilada sauce.
It is now time to add your tomatoes. Most people do not add this but I find that it gives the casserole some depth and substance for those individuals who get really hungry.
Body and Soul to our casserole.
Once you have mixed that in take your cheese and place half of it in the mixture. You will putting the other half on top of the casserole once your done layering it.
Cheese is so good.
Now lets get to building this thing.  Your first layer is going to be putting tortillas on the bottom of your pan. It is ok to tear them up to cover it. It is a lot like building a building, you need the foundation. This is the foundation of your casserole.
Now we are going to spoon some of your mixture onto the tortillas and then top it off with some additional enchilada sauce.  This ensures that when you put the next layer of tortillas on that it will stick.
Building has begun.
Now we are going to cover it with another layer of tortillas.
Repeat again.
So now your going to again add your mixture with extra enchilada sauce and place tortillas on it. You with then take the last of your enchilada sauce and cover the tortillas.
This is looking good.
Now we take the final bit of our cheese and place it on the top. We need to make sure we cover the entire surface area. Its always better to have to much cheese instead of not enough.
Cheesy goodness
WAIT!!!! Don’t put it in the oven. We need to cover it up with some foil. Thanks Roy for the reminder.
Roy is a lifesaver.
Now set your clock for 30 minutes and place it in the oven.
Wow that clock is fast. Make sure yours says 30.
Is it done yet?
So I found that if I removed the foil the cheese was not as crispy as I like it so I put it in for another 10 minutes without the foil and this was our final result.
You can tell Roy is getting hungry.
Now I would wait for it to cool for about 5 to 10 minutes so it can rest. Once its done you can use a spatula to put it into bowls and add some sour cream to complete your meal.
Roy is such a good chef.
But will this meal stand up to our biggest critique in the house. The hungry Ben?  Well what do you think?
Good Job Roy!!
I would love to know your thoughts below. Have a great week everyone and good food thoughts.
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