Dinner – Shrimp Fideo – Poor Man Style

Yesterday, Ben, Roy, and I decided to do dinner. I decided I did not want to go out to eat.  I just wanted to find something in the house to eat. So I rummaged around in my pantry and freezer and found the following:

Frozen Pre-cooked shrimp Veg-All Creole Seasoning Garlic and Onion Seasoning Organic Bean Blend Chicken Broth Canola Oil Fideo


Roy and I often will just have a base idea and start working until we come up with something.  This is what we ended up making.
  1. Turn on your stove and place the burner on medium high. Put canola oil till it covers the bottom of the pan.
2. The put thawed precook shrimp into the pan. I thawed them out by putting them in to a colander and running cold water over them for about five minutes. Then warmed up the shrimp in the pan for about five minutes. I also season with salt and pepper.
3. Its now time to add the fideo and seasonings. Be careful with the Creole seasoning, to much can be to hot. For the garlic and onion seasoning just put enough to taste.
4. Cooking fideo is key to making this recipe work. You need to brown the fideo in the shrimp and oil. It will appear to absorb the oil and that is ok. Keep stirring making sure it does not burn. As you cook it make sure to open up your chicken broth to have it ready to put in half of it right before it burns.
5. Even with the chicken stock in the pot, please remember to keep stirring. Occasionally when you forget to stir fideo can stick to the pan and burn ruining the taste of the entire dish. Now we add in our vegall. Do not drain the water out just put the entire can into the mix.
6. Now its time to add your beans. Make sure you drain the can prior to putting the beans in the Shrimp Fideo. As you put them in make sure to keep stirring the pot.
7. After about five minutes it is going to look like the broth is being absorbed. You can now add the last half of your chicken broth or as much as you like depending on how soup like you want your fideo.
8.  I continue to let it simmer on low medium heat for about five minutes. Remember to keep stirring. I finish up prior to serving with a dash more Creole seasoning and garlic and onion powder to give it some fresh taste. Once enough liquid has burned off the top its time to serve.
This dish can  keep for about three days. Ben says its filling and as you can see Roy was really hungry. He was thinking he might just take the two bowls and oik oik oik all the way home. Thanks for reading my recipe.  If you make it please let me know what you think and share your comments below.
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