Dinner – Slow Cooker Cream Italian Chicken

So Ben, Roy and myself decided we needed some new recipes. We downloaded the application Yummly (Android) or Yummly (Apple) whichever you prefer. This app is amazing. For those that are into pictures it provides you a visual idea of what the food you would be eating for that recipe. It also can auto create you a shopping list. For me that is the winning feature of this application. Anyway, last night for Sunday dinner Roy and I made 3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Creamy Italian Chicken. Now granted the recipe says its healthy but that is only if you buy the light stuff. Roy, Ben and I we rather reduce what we eat than eat more of the bland healthy. LOL.  Anyway, so I will give you the recipe Roy and I used.

  1. Newman’s Own Family Recipe Italian Dressing – 16 ounce – $2.98
  2. Great Value Cream Cheese, 8 oz – $1.46
  3. Fresh Chick Breast Tenderloins 3 lbs – $5.16
  4. 2 UNCLE BEN’S Ready Rice: Butter & Garlic, 8.8oz – $3.68
  5. Salt
  6. Pepper

First step is to take the Chicken Breast Tenderloins and place them all along the bottom of your slow cooker. Once this is completed add salt and pepper to taste. Then empty out the Newman’s Own Family Recipe Italian Dressing on the chicken. Then cover the slow cooker and place it on low between three and four hours.  You may need to adjust your time.  Over cooking the chicken and make it look like soft cat food. Once it is completed cooking it looks like this.


Now it is time to make it a meal. We will need to cube up the Cream Cheese.


Roy ensures none of Beth’s fingers go missing while a knife is in her hands.


Beth is cutting cream cheese while Roy inspects her knife skills.


So now it is time for Roy to inspect the cheese cubes. I had to tell Roy he couldn’t eat the cream cheese.


It is always important to remember knife safety.


So you will need to put in the cream cheese into the slow cooker and begin to stir. The cheese will melt which will result in it looking like this.


Now it is time to add the rice. Make sure you cook your rice according to the package instructions.


Once the rice is done you can add it to the slow cooker.


Make sure you turn off your slow cooker and you are ready to eat.


Roy was really hungry so he took a few nibbles to ensure it was ok.


Roy wanted to know what Ben thought. So he waited.


Finally, Ben gives his approval.


We all had a good time eating dinner.  And with the amount we spent being about $14.00 for two people and we have leftovers for tonight. We averaged about $3.32 a meal for each of us. Over two nights that 6.64 a meal for each of us. So it definitely is frugal and relatively healthy. It is filling and would go great with a salad. If you try it let me know what you think. Leave your comments below.

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