Italian Tortellini Soup

So today I thought I would share my recipe for Tortellini Soup. Now mind you this is my own creation so if it is like someone else’s please let me know so I can give them the credit for it. But like all recipes I think we all add our own special touches that no two dishes are ever exactly alike. So I literally came up with this recipe in Walmart shopping center. I was looking for a non-spicy soup. This way we wouldn’t have to worry about heartburn afterwards. So if you wanted to spice the recipe up I would exchange the chicken with spicy ground sausage. I think it would be excellent.  In fact, Ben wants me to do that this time.


1.5 lbs of white potatoes (Any Type of Potato would work actually)

1 lbs of thinly cut chicken fillets

12 oz can of evaporated milk

3 cloves of galic

1 medium onion

Chicken broth




Lemon Pepper


1 stick of butter

Lemon Juice


It is important to get two chopping boards out along with two knives.  I will say from making this cutting everything up first makes it easier to cook and makes you feel less rushed in the kitchen.  You will also need a large bowl to cook your soup in.  I use a stock pot because it can make enough for four servings or ensure that I have left overs for later.

Make sure to cut up the potatoes, onion, and garlic on one of your chopping boards with the same knife. Then on your second cutting board, chop up your chicken with the other knife. Make sure to season your chicken with salt and pepper.


In your stock pot make sure to put your butter in and put it on medium heat. Once the putter is melted put your onions and then your garlic into your pot.  Then put your chicken into your pot. Cook the chicken until it is not pink in the center.

Once this is completed put your potatoes into the pot.  I cut all my vegetables large and rustic, however, you can cut them smaller if you wish. Once you have the potatoes starting to soften put some lemon pepper on top and mix.  I love lemon pepper, it is my go to seasoning. Put just eye ball it and once you have put in the amount you want, stir, and then add your chicken broth. This should cover up everything but then you’re going to need to put two cups of water in. You could put another box of chicken broth but I prefer to have that much salt intake.

Once you get the mixture boiling put in your tortellini.  You are going to want to cook this 7 to 10 minutes on medium high heat. Once it has completed the 7 to 10 minutes you can reduce the heat to low and then season the mixture to taste.  At this point I had to add a teaspoon of salt and some lemon juice to give it some flavor development.

I mixed this around and cooked it another 10 minutes until the potatoes were soft. Then I turned off the heat and added the evaporated milk. Make sure to mix the soup and then serve it.

As I said before because I was serving only two people I had plenty for leftovers today. So over all this serves about four people. Let me know what you thing. It received a smile from Ben so you know it has to be good.  Let me know what you think.

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