Office Gifts IV – Breakfast Show – Beth and Ben Food Thoughts

In search of oppressed marshmallows.

Today, Beth discusses how she makes a stain glass roll. Cutlet learns about the oppression of multicolored marshmallows. Don’t forget to vote in the polls for keeping Christmas and for Friday Discussions. Check out the voting commercial. #Marshmallows #OfficeGifts #Christmas



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Christmas Log Beth’s Recipe:

1 Stick of Butter
2 Cup of Chocolate Chips
Mix together after heating it up in the microwave.
Wait 15 minutes for Chocolate to Cool down.
1 cup of nuts
1 medium bag of multicolored marshmallows
Mix everything together in your bowl.

Spread out Coconut shavings onto parchment paper (wide enough to put chocolate filling in the center and still have coconut on the outside.) Keep some coconut to finish the upper part of your log.

Place chocolate mixture on the center of the coconut.
Put remaining coconut on top of the log.
Wrap parchment paper around the chocolate filling forming chocolate into a log shape.
Tighten ends of parchment paper.
Put in refrigerator for one hour.
Unwrap from parchment paper and cut into pieces.

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