Italian Tortellini Soup

So today I thought I would share my recipe for Tortellini Soup. Now mind you this is my own creation so if it is like someone else’s please let me know so I can give them the credit for it. But like all recipes I think we all add our own special touches that no … Continue reading Italian Tortellini Soup

Dinner – Slow Cooker Cream Italian Chicken

So Ben, Roy and myself decided we needed some new recipes. We downloaded the application Yummly (Android) or Yummly (Apple) whichever you prefer. This app is amazing. For those that are into pictures it provides you a visual idea of what the food you would be eating for that recipe. It also can auto create … Continue reading Dinner – Slow Cooker Cream Italian Chicken

Dinner – Taco Goulash

Dinner So last night I was inspired by some “how to cook pasta” videos. I took a stab at making a Taco Goulash. I had pasta left over in the box from the pasta salad I made for Ben last night. It is important in our household to remain frugal so I went ahead and … Continue reading Dinner – Taco Goulash