Failures In Cooking – Breakfast Show – Beth and Ben Food Thoughts

Today Beth discusses her failures in cooking. Mainly a Boston Cream Pie and Rice. Roy Cutlet and Mic are still in competition for the most followers. Will you subscribe? Who will you follow. Let us know in the comments below. #bbfoodthoughts #cooking #comedy Music: Website:  

Breakfast Show – Learning How To Eat – Beth and Ben Food Thoughts

Today we begin our first Monday Breakfast video which we cover the first chapter of First Bite: How We Learn to Eat by Bee Wilson.  Roy and Cutlet discuss with Beth about the book. We will be covering this on Mondays until we finish the book.  Please make sure to subscribe to the show. On … Continue reading Breakfast Show – Learning How To Eat – Beth and Ben Food Thoughts

Beth and Ben Food Thoughts – Breakfast with Beth Roy and Cutlet – Hamburgers

Today we talk about hamburgers. Whataburger, In-and-Out, and Braums. Braums is Beth's favorite. What is yours? Share below. #hamburgers #whataburger #braums #InandOut #cooking #dinner #lunch #work

Breakfast – Frosted Donuts

So Ben and Roy were hungry this morning. They wanted Frosted Donuts. Let me be clear here these are not just any donut.  They are chocolate frosted donuts by Mrs. Baird's Grab N' Go Favorites. Roy and Ben have been sharing this breakfast for months.  However this morning, Roy was forced with a tough decision. … Continue reading Breakfast – Frosted Donuts

Dinner – Alamo Cafe

Last night Ben and I went to dinner at Alamo Cafe. It is the primary restaurant for my parents. They used to eat at the establishment multiple times a week. My sister worked there as a waitress for years and I had a hankering for Mexican food with some good salsa and nachos. It has … Continue reading Dinner – Alamo Cafe

Dinner – Shrimp Fideo – Poor Man Style

Yesterday, Ben, Roy, and I decided to do dinner. I decided I did not want to go out to eat.  I just wanted to find something in the house to eat. So I rummaged around in my pantry and freezer and found the following: Frozen Pre-cooked shrimp Veg-All Creole Seasoning Garlic and Onion Seasoning Organic … Continue reading Dinner – Shrimp Fideo – Poor Man Style