Happy Anniversary To Beth’s Parents AKA Healthy Eaters

Cutlet came with Roy and Ben to check out the house of Beth's parents. We like to do health and welfare checks on occasion. Cutlet was shocked with the food in the refrigerator. He searched the pantry and found only some cottage cheese and tomatoes. He finally found himself a tomato to eat.  It was … Continue reading Happy Anniversary To Beth’s Parents AKA Healthy Eaters

Dinner – Mexican Casserole

So I know it has been a while since I posted but unfortunately while making a video on turnover biscuits I destroyed my computer. I am seeing if it can be repaired so I have had to do a lot of my work via my phone. Anyway, I was able to sit at a computer … Continue reading Dinner – Mexican Casserole

Dinner – Alamo Cafe

Last night Ben and I went to dinner at Alamo Cafe. It is the primary restaurant for my parents. They used to eat at the establishment multiple times a week. My sister worked there as a waitress for years and I had a hankering for Mexican food with some good salsa and nachos. It has … Continue reading Dinner – Alamo Cafe

Dominos It’s Whats For Dinner

Pizza it's whats for dinner. Roy decided to get BBQ chicken with mushroom and Ben got Chicken Alfredo pizza. Here is Roy's pizza from Dominos I would recommend anytime getting pizza from them order it with extra sauce because it usually comes a little dry. Roy is happy and ready to start the weekend. What … Continue reading Dominos It’s Whats For Dinner