Taco Soup – Easy Week Night Dinner.

Taco Soup time. I have to say of all the soups I do this one is the easiest by far. It requires little in the way of preparation and is ready in about 45 minutes or so. None of the measurements are exact because it’s a Mexican themed soup that allows you to throw everything … Continue reading Taco Soup – Easy Week Night Dinner.

Breakfast Show – Breakfast Tacos – Beth and Ben Food Thoughts

Today Beth discusses the breakfast tacos. Which one is your favorite? Have you ever had a breakfast taco? Roy and Cutlet well an interesting discussion happens in the video when we discuss tacos this morning. #breakfasttacos #sanantonio #bbfoodthoughts        

Dinner – Mexican Casserole

So I know it has been a while since I posted but unfortunately while making a video on turnover biscuits I destroyed my computer. I am seeing if it can be repaired so I have had to do a lot of my work via my phone. Anyway, I was able to sit at a computer … Continue reading Dinner – Mexican Casserole

Dinner – Kickin’ Grande Nachos

Dinner the other night was shocking. This is the Kickin' Grande Nachos from Taco Cabana. Talk about a lot of nachos. Wish the jalapenos had been cooked but Ben and I enjoyed them as a meal. Roy refused because they were to messy for him. It was interesting the way they served the nachos in … Continue reading Dinner – Kickin’ Grande Nachos

Dinner – Alamo Cafe

Last night Ben and I went to dinner at Alamo Cafe. It is the primary restaurant for my parents. They used to eat at the establishment multiple times a week. My sister worked there as a waitress for years and I had a hankering for Mexican food with some good salsa and nachos. It has … Continue reading Dinner – Alamo Cafe