Food For When You Have To Stay Home – Beth and Ben Food Thoughts

Today in our breakfast conversation Beth, Roy and Cutlet talk about the food we eat when we are stuck at home due to issues beyond our control. #food #breakfast #roy #cutlet #pig #fun    

Beth and Ben Food Thoughts – 9-04-18

Beth describes her experience with a migraine and eating. She talks about a cold front that moved in. What do you eat when your sick? Let us know in the comments below. #sick #eating #roy #food #ben #beth #bbfoodthoughts #comedy #breakfast    

Breakfast – Food Thoughts with Beth and Roy

Below is the video Roy and I did this morning. We plan to do these videos in the morning to share our thoughts. We will also continue to do cooking videos once I can get a new computer to edit and process the videos. Please enjoy and let us know your thoughts below.

Dinner – Mexican Casserole

So I know it has been a while since I posted but unfortunately while making a video on turnover biscuits I destroyed my computer. I am seeing if it can be repaired so I have had to do a lot of my work via my phone. Anyway, I was able to sit at a computer … Continue reading Dinner – Mexican Casserole

Dinner – Kickin’ Grande Nachos

Dinner the other night was shocking. This is the Kickin' Grande Nachos from Taco Cabana. Talk about a lot of nachos. Wish the jalapenos had been cooked but Ben and I enjoyed them as a meal. Roy refused because they were to messy for him. It was interesting the way they served the nachos in … Continue reading Dinner – Kickin’ Grande Nachos

Dinner – Beth and Ben Do Greek

Ben and I had a long weekend. Ben decided we needed to go on a mini-date night run to get dinner. He took me to Papouli's Greek Grill. They have started their Bring Your Own Beer/Wine but since Ben and I do not drink we decided to just go and munch on snacks, salads, or dinner.  … Continue reading Dinner – Beth and Ben Do Greek

Breakfast – Frosted Donuts

So Ben and Roy were hungry this morning. They wanted Frosted Donuts. Let me be clear here these are not just any donut.  They are chocolate frosted donuts by Mrs. Baird's Grab N' Go Favorites. Roy and Ben have been sharing this breakfast for months.  However this morning, Roy was forced with a tough decision. … Continue reading Breakfast – Frosted Donuts

Dinner – Alamo Cafe

Last night Ben and I went to dinner at Alamo Cafe. It is the primary restaurant for my parents. They used to eat at the establishment multiple times a week. My sister worked there as a waitress for years and I had a hankering for Mexican food with some good salsa and nachos. It has … Continue reading Dinner – Alamo Cafe